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HR expertise for small
and medium-sized companies

Through my experiences, I have been able to observe the changes in mentality, the emergence of various tools, and the evolution of regulations and laws.

Wendy Henrion - Managing Director at HR Concept

Let’s evolve together

For almost 20 years, I have been working with different types of businesses in the set up, organisation and optimisation of their HR processes.

In 2022, after a long experience as Head of HR for Grant Thornton Luxembourg and the Group Pandoo, I felt the need to take the plunge and pursue my freelance venture under the name of HR Concept.

My main driver is to provide my skills and knowledge to SMEs and start-up, such as fiduciaries, PFS or any type of structure. Such organisations do not always have the capacity to hire an internal dedicated HR resource, but still need an expert to support them.

I have a strong interest in human relationships, their development, and fulfillment. With 15 years of experience as an HR Manager in an audit and consulting firm as well as a financial sector, I have a wide range of knowledge and skills in Human Resources, including HR practices, tools, labor law, and social security. This passion for human capital enables me to work as a professional certified coach (PCC – ACTP), offering invaluable assistance to individuals to unlock their potential and help them achieve their goals.

I can work in your office or remotely.

Human Resources at your Service

The objective of HR Concept

Human resources are evolving and are more than ever a strategic position within all companies. Acknowledging this is a step ahead of the trends in your company. However, you need to surround yourself with the right people…

To fulfill your requests, we offer a set of “à la carte” and intuitu personae HR services in order to put all our skills and knowledge at the disposal of small to medium-sized companies, start-up and self-employed people and contribute to their success.

Just as a company could outsource all or part of its IT or accounting activities, it can now do the same for its human resources management.

This allows the company to control its costs, demand and needs as it evolves, while conveying a strong brand image that attracts candidates and improves relationships with partners.

You can rest assured that you are surrounded by an experienced HR partner.

HR Concept’s Foundations

My values

01. Quality

Rigorous and reliable, I am committed to delivering outstanding work to the highest standards, and to maintaining a long-term trust-based relationship with my clients.

02. Dynamic

Reactive and proactive, my energy fuels my commitment and my desire to drive solutions. My ability to innovate enables me to react quickly to challenges and opportunities.

03. Agility

Flexibility and boldness are my added values. I have the flexibility and responsiveness needed to adapt to change and deliver a high-quality, personalized service to my customers.

04. Transparency

A solid relationship requires open, clear and precise communication based on integrity and ethics. Constant and regular monitoring will strengthen and sustain our collaboration.

How can we help you

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