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Wendy Henrion - Managing Director at HR Concept

Make personal growth a priority

Individual coaching

Coaching is a powerful approach that enables you to become aware of your strengths, values and aspirations, while identifying the obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your objectives.

As a SISEM consultant, I can help my clients discover their main intrinsic motivators. This approach highlights the forms of pleasure and meaning that are specific to each individual, so as to trigger the desire to commit fully to an activity that really suits them.

The SISEM tool can help people undergoing career change to find a path that suits them and inspires them. It can also help young people find their vocation and guide them in their choices.

  • Are you looking to develop your career, find a new position or make a successful career change?
  • Would you like to better manage your stress and find strategies to reduce it, leading to a better quality of life?
  • Would you like to better understand your emotions, behaviours and values and develop better self-esteem, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life?
  • Do you need to manage a period of transition, life change or organisational change?
  • Thanks to individual sessions, I can help you develop your skills, become aware of your talents and obstacles, define clear objectives and find solutions to achieve them. 

Unlock your Leader superpowers

Executive coaching

Unleash your inner leader and overcome the obstacles to your success!

  • Would you like to develop your vision as a leader, assert your leadership style and strengthen your managerial skills?
  • Would you like to improve your interpersonal relations and strengthen your communication, collaboration, negotiation and conflict resolution skills?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by change and have no idea how to adapt?
  • Do you have all you’ve ever dreamed of but still feel a permanent inner emptiness?

Confidential and respectful, Coaching allows you to share your experiences, values and visions without fear of being judged. By providing a space for reflection and emotional support, HR Concept helps you to find deeper meaning, transform your limiting beliefs and strengthen your identity as a leader and your self-confidence!

Steer your company towards success

Business coaching

Find out more about the power of business coaching and give a fresh boost to your organization !

The decision to seek the services of a certified coach often comes from the Human Resources department and/or the Management of a company.

This type of coaching involves individual support focused on specific human issues within an organisation or a department. You benefit from the professionalism of HR Concept, which offers a range of professional coaching tools.

Together, we work closely to identify and address the specific challenges of your organisation, unlock the full potential of your employees and foster the growth of your company.


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